Loretto Values and Curriculum Outcomes

Nerinx Hall is a Loretto School. All Loretto schools hold and teach the same four core values:
Curriculum outcomes at Nerinx Hall are based on the Loretto Core Values. A diploma from Nerinx Hall ensures that each student will have demonstrated the ability to meet the following exit outcomes. Students will:

Knowledge of Self
  1. demonstrate creativity and exercise imagination.
  2. express herself through writing, speaking, and the use of technology.
  3. articulate a personal wellness plan.
  4. articulate a personal faith journey and a personal ethic.
  5. demonstrate an understanding of human sexuality, gender issues, and more decision making skills.
  6. demonstrate ability to think deductively, inductively, logically, and intuitively.

Knowledge of World
  1. argue persuasively and logically through debate and essay.
  2. deliver impromptu and prepared speeches and oral presentations.
  3. write properly constructed essays and objective reports.
  4. demonstrate ability to research a subject, correctly document information, and develop a well-substantiated thesis.
  5. appreciated the symbolic level of meaning in literary and artistic works.
  6. demonstrate biblical literacy and knowledge of Catholic tradition.
  7. apply the principles of artistic evaluation to works of the past and present.
  8. speak, write, and read in a foreign language.
  9. read critically, analytically, and contextually.
  10. use computers and video technologies to retrieve, analyze,gather, and present information.
  11. demonstrate knowledge of the history, culture, literature, art, and religions of Western Civilization.
  12. demonstrate knowledge of the history and culture and an acquaintance with the literature, art, and religions of Asian, African and Latin American civilizations.
  13. study the natural world via the Scientific Method.
  14. demonstrate an understanding of the physical, biological, and chemical world.
  15. solve mathematical problems using algebraic, trigonometric, and geometric theories
  16. use mathematical principles to organize information and solve problems.

Call To Action
  1. make informed, ethical decisions on scientific and social issues.
  2. engage in Christian service to others.
  3. actively participate in a political, social, or environmental project.