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BioBook at Nerinx:
  1. Students are expected to keep their Macs in good working order. If a laptop is not working properly, a student should see the tech department right away. Failure to have a working laptop for BioAssign, Tests, or Quizzes will result in the loss of credit for the assignment.
  2. Especially when taking a Test or Quiz, QUIT ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS AND CLOSE ALL OTHER WINDOWS. Other applications can make it more likely to experience computer difficulties or crashes.
  3. Safari is the recommended browser here at Nerinx. Students can no longer access BioBook study sheets, lab sheets or other files using other browsers.
  4. Safe Exam Browser is REQUIRED to take all BioBook online quizzes and tests.
  5. Javascript MUST be enabled (it is by default) on a browser to use BioBook.
  6. When the BioBook index is loaded, the pictures should load on the upper right side of the screen. If there are no photos there, javascript is not working. Quitting and restarting the browser should solve the problem.

Accessing BioBook Resources For Classes:
First: Moving the cursor over a tab below a class name drops the menu with choices appropriate to the course.

Printing Documents:
  1. BioBook visitors that would like to get access to either of the Junior Biology curricula should email Mr. Kuensting for a visitor username and password.